Why We Love (Bodaiju) Indoor Corridor

By Thursday August 9th, 2018 News Feed

Many condominiums adopt corridors inside of its buildings. Do you prefer indoor or outdoor corridor? You may have not considered well about this matter, but we love our indoor corridor at Bodaiju Residences and here’s why!

*What are outdoor corridor and indoor corridor?

Outdoor corridor is facing outside of its building, and exposed to fresh air. Indoor corridor, on the other hand, is located inside the building, and more hidden from the outside.
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What’s good about indoor corridor?

– Luxurious feeling
Some people prefer indoor corridor for its hotel-ish design. Indoor corridor tends to have more elaborate design like lighting, and lasts its fresh looking for a longer period of time since it’s not directly affected by weather, such as sun or rain. In many places hotels that have room service tend to adopt indoor corridors. On the other hand, motels tend to have outdoor corridors. That makes sense that many condominiums adopt indoor corridor in order to give a more “upscale” experience. For investors, the luxury also could add value to property asset.

– More Privacy
You won’t need to see your neighbors walk past and see you when the window is facing a hallway. Indoor corridor also protects you from passerby being able to identify your room number, which improves security.

– Protect Your Home from Rain
We don’t want any wet or dusty floor, right? When there is heavy rain which happens so often in this season, the passage way of outdoor corridor gets wet and slippery. It also leads into rooms and the floor can get wet as well. The constant exposure to rain, sun and wind, outdoor corridor tends to age quicker than indoor corridor, and it affects the appearance and safety as well as property value.

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How about airflow and ventilation?

Indoor corridor tends to have weak ventilation for its closed design. Bodaiju Residences, however, has received positive feedbacks from our residents about the well ventilated design. Why? Because of the gaps on the wall of the staircase on both sides of the building, which are designed for fresh air to go through. The Bodaiju corridor is designed as the path of airflow.
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Think of the corridor as a part of your home(though not your own property), and we hope you’ll make the best use of these advantages at Bodaiju Residences!