Which Floor is the Best to Live in Bodaiju Residences Condo? – Upper Floor vs Lower Floor

By March 8, 2018 News Feed

Bodaiju Residences has just started welcoming new residents since the late February, and
we have seen some tenants been confused as to which floor is the best for them.

As many Khmer people have an affinity for staying closer to the ground, which is lower floors, however, the expats tend to prefer the upper floors.

Bodaiju offers natural environment and facilities on both the ground floor and the rooftop, but
whether you choose high or low floor, both come with their own advantages and disadvantages.

So here’s what to consider before deciding what suits your lifestyle better.

Upper Floors


The higher floors offer the better view and the fresh air. If you choose a room facing the Russian Blvd. side, you could see the view of Phnom Penh International Airport, and that view from your private windows would be something special. Don’t be disappointed if want the lower floors, Bodaiju offers the rooftop garden with epic view and skypool in each building.

More Privacy, Less Noise:

If you are a private seeker, the upper floors are usually more secluded and quiet. Not only the less traffic noise, but the noise from the other occupants walking through the common passages on the ground floor, and the new tenants visiting the showroom. If you prefer lower floor units yet to keep the noise minimum, try to find the room far from the elevators, staircase, kindergarten or café area.

Less Bugs:

You are less likely to be bothered by pests such as bugs and roaches if you choose upper floors. But it’s better to close the windows when the sky gets dark at night as the flies are attracted to light. You can also try herbs or citrus to repel flies naturally, and keep your room clean and garbage free.


No matter how careful you are or how safe Bodaiju is, there is no guessing when a disaster might strike. Living in an upper floor would make you have to use the stairs in case of an electricity cut.

Less Convenience:

Having to wait for the elevator every time you go out could be time consuming. Also if have big and heavy furniture that don’t fit into the elevator, you might want to consider the lower floors instead.

Lower Floors


It’s a lot easier and less pain when you’re moving in/out. If you’re planning to switch accommodation soon, it would be a better choice to stay lower floor unless you are a minimalist who can live with a few bags. You can also easily take the stairs rather than waiting for the elevator. Bodaiju also provides the facilities such as mini mart and cafe on the common passages on the ground floor, so the lower floor residents will have easier access to these stores too.

Kids and Pets Friendly:

Family with children, elderly, or pet owners tend to choose lower floors for the safety reason. Apart from this, choosing the bottom floor makes you don’t have to worry about the noise of your children’s footsteps echoing to the room below.


This is one of the perks of choosing the ground floor that you have your own garden! You can enjoy coffee in the morning, or set a table or picnic sheet and enjoy food and drink under the beautiful weather.

Less Privacy:

Living on the lower floors might not offer much privacy. Since the ground and the first levels are parking space, however, even the lowest floor is not exposed to strangers from outside of the building.


You might hear the children playing at the kindergarten or kids pool on the ground floor. You could enjoy the easy access to these facilities if you have children, but you’d prefer the upper floors if you enjoy peace and quiet.

Hopefully this will help you choose the right room for your lifestyle.
Please feel free to contact us if you require any further information or viewing.