Protect Your Property Asset Value! – Episode2. Foreign Ownership

By May 2, 2018 News Feed

What should you look for when you investment property in Cambodia?

Since 2010, foreigners can legally own property in Cambodia, with some restrictions. According to the law, the foreign ownership applies to the “private units of co-owned buildings”, and up to 70% of the buildings. “Co-owned building” is a building that several owners reside and consists of residential area (private units) and common area such as gym and swimming pool.

This type of the property ownership is called “Strata Title”. Strata title is a form of ownership that allows us to legally own the property. Strata title is also one of the “Hard Title” that is the strongest form of property ownership, issued by the national government. “Soft Title”, on the other hand, is another common property ownership in Cambodia that is issued by the local government.

Of course, you’ll have Strata Title for your Bodaiju Residences unit!

Without this…

1) You can’t prove legally that this is YOUR property.
2) the property value would be very low.
3) it would be difficult to resell in the future.
4) The mortgage could be harder to be approved, or the interest rate could be higher

Make sure that you understand the foreign ownership system, and protect your asset value!