Property Management Staff Interview

By Friday July 20th, 2018 News Feed

Bodaiju property management “C-herald” has a new member “Natsuki” from Japan. Today, she answers the questions about Bodaiju Residences, the property management services provided at Bodaiju, and herself!

-How long have you been in Cambodia?

It’s been about two months.

-What made you come to Cambodia (or abroad)?
I had been traveling for half a year before I came here, from Morocco to Southern European countries such as Albania, Croatia and etc, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Malaysia. After the world travel, I’d wanted to work internationally, and I’m lucky to have had the opportunity to be a part of the international C-herald team.

-What’s your daily routine at work looks like?
I spend more time at Bodaiju Café and manage the operation and staff now. Other than this, I’m responsible for talking with the owners mainly in Japanese, arranging viewings with the applicants, and other tasks.

-Could you briefly explain the services c-herald provides to the residents?
Our services are to provide all the residents the safety living and comfort by providing the 24h security service, cleaning service, maintaining the property including the landscape and facilities, and etc. Also we’re always happy to show you the units, whether you’re looking to rent or staying short-term.

-What’s your favorite place in Bodaiju and why?
I like the garden deck on the first floor, it’s well ventilated and refreshing. It feels good to walk across or relax at the terrace seats at Bodaiju café. And, of course, the Rooftop. I like spending time on the bench watching the airplaines take off, especially in the morning or evening when it’s not too hot.

The garden dech on the first floor that connects each buildings.

The garden dech on the first floor that connects each buildings.

Bodaiju Cafe

Bodaiju Café

-What’s your favorite feature in Bodaiju units and why?
Each unit has a wide kitchen space. The user flow is well considered, and I think the open kitchen is good for families that they can see the actions in the living room while cooking.
-How is about the security systems?
Our management team provides the reliable security systems to protect the tenants safety, including the 24/7 security service at the entrance, the surveillance cameras on every floor, and the elevator access control system as the number of the tenants grow.

-Do you provide cleaning service?
We maintain the buildings and the facilities always clean, and we offer the room cleaning with additional fees. We provide both monthly and one-time cleaning service.


-Are the furniture and home appliances included?
Yes. Each room has a set of furniture and home appliances so that you can immediately move in and start a comfortable living!

-I’d like to have a look at the room (viewing)
For a viewing, please visit us directly, or you can also contact us on our facebook page, or call us.
[JP/EN] (+855)77 555 907
[CH/EN] (+855)77 555 917

Thank you so much for reading!