Four talents have engaged for Bodaiju Construction.

By December 13, 2015 Construction Progress

As updated previously, our piling works for Bodaiju Residences are being carried out in full force. In order to carry out the piling works in full force, we had engaged 4 talents from the Doraemon characters to assist us. Below are our introduction on four valued talents:

#1 : Shizuka (Shizuka means quiet in Japanese.)
”Shizuka” is in charge of the piling works for Tower A and B. She is a typical diligent worker that works very hard quietly. We are even thinking that she can work throughout the night too as she is simply noiseless.


#2 : Dekisugi (Dekisugi means “capable” in Japanese.)
“Dekisugi” also takes care of the piling works for Tower A and B. He is so capable that we can just trust him to deliver a high quality work.


#3 : Giant
“Giant” is in tasked to be in charge of the piling works for Tower C and D. Although he is a bit noisy and loud in his movements, he is powerful and strong that ensures work is completed on time.


#4 : Nobita (Nobita is a boy who is in love.)
“Nobita”  is also responsible for the piling works for Tower C and D. He is deeply in love with “Shizuka”, but she likes “Dekisugi”. Be rest assured that he is very working hard for his love and also to prove himself.


We are motivating them very hard and they had promised to work harder and harder each day.