AEON Mall 2 is Open!

By Wednesday May 30th, 2018 News Feed

AEON Mall 2 is now open in Sen Sok!
With 10 hectares of land and 151,000sqm of floor area, AEON Mall 2 is the largest retail complex in Cambodia. And the parking lot can accommodate 2,500 cars and 2,000 motorcycles.


AEON Mall2 leads the property value increase in Sensok and western part of Phnom Penh



The information staff and the machine will help you when you get lost


You can enjoy and the greenery, and relax on the bench or the terrace outside with coffee.



The Japanese owned AEON Mall 2 has brought some features that remind me of Japan;

1. Powder room

This is common to have a powder room in department stores, offices, and even public restrooms in Japan, and this neat and spacious powder room is so Japanese! Is powder room common in your country, or does Japanese people care about their appearances so much that there’s always full of people fixing makeups?


Powder room at AEON Mall2

2. “Sweet” Gifts

Gift giving is an important part of Japanese custom. The main purpose behind this culture is to show appreciation or that they care, or to celebrate the good relationships. Food gifts are most common and appreciated as it’s easier to share with family, friends and co-workers. On the ground floor at the AEON department store next to the grocery section, you’ll see a variety of sweets you can choose from to whom you care for, or to treat yourself.

img_3424 img_3426

3. Deli

You can choose varieties of sozai (side dishes) from Khmer, Japanese to Western food, ready to be taken home or back to the office.


or you can eat here.


Bodaiju Residences will start running a Shuttle Bus to/from AEON Mall 2 on July 1st. We hope you’ll be looking forward to it!