Bodaiju Cafe & AEON Maxvalu Mini Mart Open!

By Tuesday June 12th, 2018 News Feed

These two of our most requested facilities, Café and Mini Mart are open now!

1. Bodaiju Cafe


Bodaiju Café is located on the first floor Garden Deck, between building A&B. This place is relaxing, quite, and the view of the well maintained garden is perfect for just taking a breather over a cup of coffee, or you can enjoy chatting with your friends.

img_3469 img_3492

You can choose from American, Latte, Cappuccino, Espresso, Tea with milk, and Heineken Beer as well as some snacks:
img_3452 img_3456
Our barista is on training, so enjoy the unique café art that you won’t see anywhere else!

2. AEON Maxvalu Mini Mart


AEON Maxvalu Mini Mart is also located on the first floor Garden Deck, between building B&C. This mini mart is perfect when your friends come over, you need a little snack, or you run out of groceries. They have varieties of canned food, staple food, seasonings, snacks, drinks, etc.

These shops are available exclusive to the Bodaiju residents and their guests. Please welcome our new facilities and enjoy your Bodaiju stay!

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